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We do NOT use Proprietary Equipment

Many of the "larger dealers" use proprietary equipment, Integrity Lock and Alarm uses ONLY brand name, top-quality, commercially available equipment such as DSC, NAPCO and other recognized brands.

What this means to you as a consumer
  1. Proprietary Equipment can only be serviced, maintained and repaired by the installing company, therefore service calls cost considerably more because there is no competition. Integrity Lock and Alarm uses only name brand equipment which can be serviced and maintained by any Licensed installer and can be upgraded easily.
  2. Proprietary equipment can only be monitored by the installing company and their monitoring prices are DOUBLE OR TRIPLE of what Integrity Lock and Alarm charges for the SAME quality monitoring.
  3. If you are using proprietary equipment, you have no option except to remove and replace all of the existing equipment if you are unhappy with their prices and service,.

One recent example: A customer switched to Integrity Lock and Alarm after another company, Simplex, charged them $400 for a 15 minute service call to change the time on his alarm system!!!
**This is a service Integrity Lock and Alarm would have provided FOR FREE!

Avoid proprietary Alarm components at all costs, it can cost you as the consumer, thousands of dollars!